R&D Advantages

  Company has a complete professional R&D team and a complete R&D system. It is a comprehensive R&D team composed of product application research, electronic R&D, structural R&D, product verification, material verification, project management, safety certification, etc., focusing on power product application technology, Adhere to independent innovation, more than 50 people in the R&D team have worked in the power supply field for many years and have rich experience in power supply R&D;

  R&D department is equipped with industry-leading and complete verification and test equipment, such as EMC laboratory (EMI,ESD,Surge, etc.), multi-point temperature tester, spectrometer, ATE test, programmable AC Source, TEK oscilloscope, Chroma electronic load, Japan Ganges power meter, etc. and reliability verification laboratory (MTBF ,ON/OF, high and low temperature, constant temperature and humidity, combustion, ball pressure, vibration, etc.).

our company's design concept is "quality is designed", reliable IC scheme is selected, all-round product verification is carried out, and the concept of quality control from the source is adhered.

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Lightning surge test

Electrostatic discharge test

Conduction test

High and low temperature test

lnsertion force life test