power adapter a switching power supply? What is the difference between the two?

power adapter a switching power supply?? What is the difference between the two?power adapterand switching power supply often have many customers. The two are mixed up and are not well distinguished. Now Wentong Electronics will compare the difference between the two with you, hoping to be helpful to you.

1. Features:

power adapterare: the power converter (from AC to DC), which is converted from alternating current to direct current, and then passes through the computer. It cannot protect the computer, but the computer has a storage device (also called charger) for storing power, so it can protect the computer during power failure.

switching power supply is characterized by high-speed channel communication and cut-off with circuit-controlled switching tubes. Convert direct current into high frequency alternating current and provide it to the transformer for transformation, and then one or more sets of voltages required will occur! The reason for switching to Huawei's high-frequency AC is that the power of high-frequency AC in transformer transformer circuit is much higher than 50HZ. So the switching transformer can do very little, and the operation is not very hot!! The cost is very low. If 50HZ is not changed to high frequency, switching power supply is meaningless.

switching power supplies and adapters are both switching power supplies, which are composed of high-frequency switching tubes and their control circuits. The power adapter is a regulated switching power supply, and the switching power supply has a floating charging function. The voltage becomes larger as the current becomes smaller, and finally there is no current as long as the voltage.

2. Differences:

switching power supply is a large category. The power adapter belongs to the switching power supply.

3. Principle of the job:

in reality, most of the power adapters we come into contact with are switching power supplies. Switching power supply refers to a power supply that maintains a stable output voltage through modern electronic technology to control the timing ratio of the registration and shutdown of the switch tube. The switching power supply of the power adapter is generally composed of pulse width modulation (PWM) control IC and MOSFET. Advantages: high conversion power, small size, and can work in a wide voltage range.

Created on:2021-08-19 11:52